DEWI SRITANJUNG is the daughter of Nakula, the knight of Sawojajar, state of Amarta with Dewi Srengganawati –the daughter of Resi Badawanangala, the giant turtle who lives in Wailu river-- (base on Purwacarita, Badawanangala well known as the king of Gisiksamodra/Ekapratala). Dewi Sritajung has two half brothers that were Bambang Pramunista and Dewi Pramuniwati –as the sons of Nakula and Dewi Sayati.

Dewi Sritajung very beautiful, she is also smart, clever and strong. She is one of the woman soldier who powerful and respite. Dewi Sritanjung has will a Cupu that contain ―Banyu Panguripan / the water of life‖ the given of her mother, and magic of Pengasihan the given of her grandfather.

Since she was baby, Dewi Sritanjung lives with her grandfather, Resi Badawanangala in asceticism Wailu. In the end war of Bharatayuda, Dewi Sritanjung was gone to the state of Astina to look for her father. In her journey, Dewi Sritanjung met Prabu Ajibarang, the giant king from Gowasiluman in the forest Tunggarana who succeeding to deceive her and she was invited to attack Astina.

In Astina, Dewi Sritanjung met Bambang Widapaksa, her own cousin as the son of Sahadewa and Dewi Srengganawati. Later, they were to kill Prabu Ajibarang. By their fathers (Nakula and Sahadewa), Dewi Sritanjung and Bambang Widapaksa were made a match. STANU


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